Elizabeth Whalley allowed Michael to undertake his work on George Whalley and granted him permission to publish new editions of his writings and biography. The editors of this digital edition are grateful to her. We are also thankful for the assistance we have received from the Whalley children, Katharine, Christopher, and Emily, and their families.

The editors thank Zailig Pollock for sharing with us his work. We have received invaluable advice from him. We thank Amanda Jernigan for her comments and ideas. She helped us improve the interface.

The editors also thank Paul Banfield and Heather Home of Queen’s University Archives, Rick Stapleton of the William Ready Division of Archives and Research Collections at McMaster University, and Ken Hernden and Krista McCracken of Algoma University’s Wishart Library and Engracia De Jesus Matias Archives and Special Collections.

Jennifer Hardwick digitized the audio recordings in Queen’s University Archives and made records for documents that appear in this edition. Courtney Bielak, Samantha Koshowski, Kathleen Oliver, and Kaitlyn Pottekkat, during internships funded by the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation, edited digital images, transcribed manuscripts and typescripts, and made records in the Whalley database, among other valuable contributions. All of this work directly contributed to this digital edition. Stacy Devlin, Emily Andersen, Matthew Yablonski, Sydney Turnbull, and Maria Fox, research assistants at Algoma University, have also contributed transcriptions and records. Domingos Junior, during an internship in the Wishart Library he completed under the supervision of Robin Isard, contributed to the code for this interface.

Michael is grateful to Hanna and Elaina for their love and support. He thanks Brian Crick for pointing the way to Whalley and John Ferns for his ideas and advice. He also thanks John Baxter, Don Adams, Ian Robinson, and John Salciccioli.

Alana is grateful first and foremost to Michael DiSanto, whose mentorship has been both an invaluable part of her academic career and a source of real personal pleasure. She thanks Robin Isard for his technical expertise and especially his ability to fix bugs with speed, ease, and good humour, and she thanks all the other members of the Whalley project for their important contributions. She is also grateful to Editing Modernism in Canada for providing the training and funding necessary to her success on this project.

Robin is grateful to Donna and Evan for their patience and support, as well as the patience of the entire Wishart Library staff. He is thankful to Michael DiSanto for including him in this project and giving him a chance to work with a wonderful team. He thanks Alana for her moral support as well as the collection of research assistants whose steady work has made the project possible. Robin also thanks Domingos Junior for breaking ground on the Digital Edition as well as the members of the open source community, particularly the jQuery, PostgreSQL, and Drupal communities. Without their hard work this project would never have taken the shape it has.

The work on this edition has been funded by grants from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation, Editing Modernism in Canada, and Algoma University.